Photobooth Supply Co. is an event coordinator’s secret weapon

Let a photo booth unlock your potential


Our DJ partners have found that a by adding a PBSCO photo booth to their service offering, they’re booking more events, getting better feedback and earning more than ever before!

Your business is all about adding value for your clients. Add all of the value with none of the work by offering them a photo booth for their events.

  • The must-have accessory for events in 2022.
  • No dealing with extra vendors, you provide the booth and maintain control.
  • Gather potential leads while providing a top-shelf experience for your clients.

Simplify photo booth rental for your clients

Build trust with your clients by offering an integrated photo booth experience as part of their event package.

Reduce your own headaches and stress by minimizing reliance on third-party vendors.


Since purchasing my Salsa Photobooth, my client reviews have skyrocketed and I’m now booking more photo booths than ever before!

Maxwell Wageck


Add that extra sparkle to event entertainment

With optional filters, designs, and physical props, photo booths are a fun way to instantly enhance the event experience.

The beautiful thing for event coordinators is that you can increase your offerings and revenue by implementing a completely hands-off photo booth experience, leaving you free to focus on the event as it unfolds.


Self-served by guests

Our booths are designed to be fully self-serve. Set yours up in under 60 seconds, then you and your team are free to keep all the plates spinning for the rest of the event.

Custom for your customer

Create custom packages to suit different client budgets and needs. With fully flexible lighting, designs, filters, and more, you can create a truly bespoke experience for each and every customer.


Simple to move, simple to store

At only 36lbs assembled and 58lbs with the included case, our Salsa photo booths are the lightest and most portable that we’ve ever made. The included hard-sided travel case makes transportation and storage a breeze.


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Outsource one less item and turn it into an extra revenue stream at the same time. See how it all works with a free demo from one of our photo booth experts.

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