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Our DJ partners have found that a by adding a PBSCO photo booth to their service offering, they’re booking more events, getting better feedback and earning more than ever before!

Imagine if just one standalone piece of kit could help you book more events, wow your clients and earn more than ever before. Well it’s possible with a photo booth from Photobooth Supply Co.

  • Transport and set up in only 60 seconds.
  • Self-serve interface means you can focus on your work while guests focus on the fun.
  • Increase your revenue by adding additional value to your photo packages.

It’s like a second photographer…that pays you to be there

Offer your clients virtually limitless options with a variety of backdrops, lighting, props, and custom designs. A booth from PBSCO enables you to provide a bespoke customer experience every single time.

Automatically collect contact information from guests as they use the booth, allowing you to reach more clients and book more gigs.


But don't take our word for it. Here's what others say about their experience working with Photobooth Supply Co.

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Marketing on autopilot

Instant digital access to their images means guests can immediately begin sharing their photos and promoting your services. Use customized image templates and hashtags to ensure your brand is represented from the moment they click “share”.


Here to help you grow

A photo booth is not there to replace your photography service - it's a different, added value for you to offer your clients.

Make their lives easier and remove yet another vendor they have to deal with by offering a photo booth service your self. Highlight the value of an integrated photo experience all provided by a single person: you.

Complete customization

With 100s of light effect combinations and fully customisable start screens, your photo booth can perfectly match your desired aesthetic. Build out custom looks and vibes for every event on your calendar and activate them with just a single tap from your device.

Offer these additional customizations and options as a variety of packages and increase your revenue without increasing your workload.


Designed with you in mind

At only 36lbs assembled and 58lbs with the included case, our Salsa photo booths are the lightest and most portable that we’ve ever made. The included hard-sided travel case makes transportation and storage a breeze.

Our custom-built Salsa app allows you to do all of the event prep from the comfort of your home so when the day of the event arrives, you simply set up the booth and click “go”, all in just 60 seconds.

Yeah, 60 seconds.

Join our community of photo booth owners and be our next success story!


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