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Self-serve, cloud-based photo booths


Our DJ partners have found that a by adding a PBSCO photo booth to their service offering, they’re booking more events, getting better feedback and earning more than ever before!

Your time is too valuable to spend physically managing multiple photo booths. Free up your time and increase your productivity with the fully-integrated photo booth system from Photobooth Supply Co.

  • Easy to transport and set up in 60 seconds.
  • Self-serving by event attendees; a truly hands-off experience for you.
  • Powerful cloud-based software for managing all aspects of your booth and events.

Just drop and go

PBSCO photo booths allow your customer's guests to make stunning souvenirs of the night... but without needing someone on-hand to help them do it.

Our proprietary software is intuitive and self-explanatory. This means you can leave the photo booth unattended and pick it up at the end of the event. Need to adjust something on the fly for your client? The app allows full remote control of your booth.


PBSCO has created the BEST photo booths on the market by having both the hardware and software that work seamlessly together. And they look sexy!

Zach Mason


Let the booth do the work

Users get instant access to their photos and don't need you to manually follow up with files.

The booth will text or email guests the photos - they decide. And if there's no WiFi, AirDrop takes care of it or files go into a queue for when signal is back up.


More booths, more bookings

Stop turning down opportunities (and $$$) due to a lack of time or photo booth equipment.

Get access to Photobooth Supply Co.'s stock of easy-to-use photo booths and build a stable of booths which you can deploy to multiple venues at once, all managed by our industry-leading Salsa app.

A modern app for your modern business

With 100’s of light effects and fully customizable start screens, you can take full control of the photo booth. Customize virtually every aspect of the booth experience to provide a perfect fit for your client’s needs.

Customer has an issue or wants something adjusted mid-event? No worries. The Salsa app allows you to adjust all of your settings and customizations on the booth from the comfort of…wherever you may be!


Designed with you in mind

At only 36lbs assembled and 58lbs with the included case, our Salsa photo booths are the lightest and most portable that we’ve ever made. The included hard-sided travel case makes transportation and storage a breeze.

Setup time? 60 seconds.


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